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January 26th, 2010

Petite Asian gf showing off

This little gem from Indonesia loves to talk on the phone while naked. She also likes to have her pictures taken while she’s at it, and we at AsianGFs feel that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. This homemade asian porn gallery is full of pics taken of this girl preparing for a big night out: bathing, washing her hairy cunt and scrubbing her firm titties, drying herself while sucking on her boyfriend’s lollipop and dressing up. When she returns home, that’s when the riot happens. Full zoom in pussy shots, bare-ass naked and piss drunk on the floor, screaming for more cock, it’s all there. Waiting for you. Grab it, as you would grab this asian gf’s juicy little ass and spank it until it turned red and blue.

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Petite Asian gf showing off

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